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Recommended Nutrition Links
There is so much information out there on nutrition; these sites provide a progressive view that you might find valuable.
  • Dr. Mercola His You Tube videos cover a range of valuable health topics, though he may try to sell you stuff. He has a huge following, for good reason.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple Daily topics “on health, nutrition, fitness, low-carb living and the health care industry.”  Lots of really good information.
  • Modern Forager Great site focused on eating real food.
  • Paul Chek Live Paul Chek founded the Chek institute, which promotes holistic nutrition.  He has lots of excellent, well researched videos.
  • TED TED posts thoughtful videos on a wide range of topics.  I highly recommend you check some of these videos out.
  • Underground Wellness Accessible and inspiring videos about nutrition.  He has relatively short videos that explain important topics in depth.

Recommended Diabetes Resources

These sites promote progressive approaches to diabetes management and otherwise promote the diabetes comunity.
Recommended Blogs and Other Website
Random websites you’d do well to check out.

  • Fun and Health Recipes Cool recipes like falafel balls and stuff portabellas.
  • The Modern Child This website is concerned about our children and discusses topics including ritalin, obesity, and advertising to children.

Recommended Videos

These are very accessible videos on a range of topics.  Videos by Underground Wellness, Mercola, and others really got me interested in nutrition and the food industry.  This list might seem overwhelming, but time spent here will be time well spent.