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Organic means healthy

Youre eating what hes pouring.

You're eating what he's pouring.

Organic produce really does aid long term well being.

There’s a lot of skepticism about organic foods, and for good reason.  Why should you shell out extra cash for foods that are supposed to be healthy in the first place, especially when you’re not sure what organic means?  Let’s clear that up today. Continue reading


Making the case for Food Kills: examining the food industry

We are losing the battle for nutrition (Photo from the National Obesity Forum, UK)

Food corporations are screwing us.

We can’t achieve perfect health, and I’m really not recommending you become so scrupulous with your diet that your quality of life is diminished in any way.  People have immune and detoxification systems for a reason; we can handle a lot of the garbage that gets thrown our way.  People live long, fulfilling and often extremely health lives while eating tons of garbage they shouldn’t.

So why should you care? Continue reading

What PETA got right: meat and your health

Factory farming hurts consumers

Factory farming hurts consumers

Is meat killing us?

What’s up everybody?  Today I’ve got some important but disturbing stuff on the health issues involved with commercially farmed meat.  There’s a lot of details, bear with me.

Can you get health from a dying animal?  Commercially farmed animals are unhealthy. Continue reading