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Organic means healthy

Youre eating what hes pouring.

You're eating what he's pouring.

Organic produce really does aid long term well being.

There’s a lot of skepticism about organic foods, and for good reason.  Why should you shell out extra cash for foods that are supposed to be healthy in the first place, especially when you’re not sure what organic means?  Let’s clear that up today. Continue reading


Aren’t I artificially sweet?

This tasty beverage causes BRAIN LESIONS.

The tastiest source for brain leisions.

Artificial sweeteners lead to real death.

You might have gathered by now that I’m not a fan of the added sugar in our processed foods, whether in fruit juice or whole wheat bread or sphaghetti sauce or whatever else.

Does that mean you should grab a bowl of splenda and a spoon?

Sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin are all cancer causing chemicals that should be avoided. The situation is like this: the corporate funded studies generally find no problems, while the privately funded studies generally find significant problems.  Who should you trust?  And who do you think the FDA sides with? Continue reading

Where’s your money going?

This does NOT benefit consumers.

This does NOT benefit consumers.

I’d like to point out some scary trends in how our food budgets are being spent.  I encourage you to think about the question, “Who is profiting off me?”  There is no more direct measure of support than payment, and you might just be paying the people that are killing you. Continue reading

What’s the deal with peanut butter?

Do you have your affairs in order?
Do you have your affairs in order?

Let’s check out peanut butter as a case study.  This discussion will talk about toxins found in peanuts, hidden trans fat in 0% trans fat foods, and healthy and unhealthy oils.

Peanut butter is great.  It’s one of my favorite foods, but it’s a food I will only eat healthy versions of.

This first issue is toxins.  Peanuts are known to be susceptible to aflatoxins, which are produced by various types of fungus in food and are linked to Continue reading

What PETA got right: meat and your health

Factory farming hurts consumers

Factory farming hurts consumers

Is meat killing us?

What’s up everybody?  Today I’ve got some important but disturbing stuff on the health issues involved with commercially farmed meat.  There’s a lot of details, bear with me.

Can you get health from a dying animal?  Commercially farmed animals are unhealthy. Continue reading