The Garbage We Eat

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01.02.08 New research indicates that the behavior of bees is being impacted by the genetically modified corn they are fed.  Bees fed a particular GM protein would respond positively to an artificial nectar even when the nectar gave no food reward.  This  inability to distinguish between proper food sources could very well be a cause of colony collapse disorder

12.01.08 A new study found that many “microwave safe” plastics actually release toxins like BPA when microwaved.  93% of people studied have BPA, a toxic chemical linked to endocrine disfunction and elevated cancer risk, in their systems.  Plastics with the recycling labels 1, 2, 5, and 7 should all not be microwaved.  In fact, we should probably avoid microwaving with plastics in the first place, if not stop using microwaves altogether.

11.03.08 Type 2 diabetes rates are a skyrocketing crisis.  Between 1996 and 2006, the rates nearly doubled, and they continue to increase exponentially.  This is terrifying; currently 8% of the US population has diabetes, but what if this number increases to 20 or 25% in the next thirty years?  Check out a map of the hardest hit areas.

10.27.08 Africa needs modern farming, right? Not so fast peeps. The Independent reports on the UN’s recent findings that traditional farming practices (organic farming) fare much better than the modernized farming that is currently being implemented with limited success.

10.23.2008 Bottled water is under fire.  Numerous popular bottled water brands were found to contain toxic substances including pharmaceuticals, arsenic, radioactive isotopes, caffeine, fertilizers, and various industrial chemicals.  Worst brands?  Walmart’s Sam’s  Choice and Giant Foods’ Acadia.

10.21.2008 Genetically modified rice is literally spreading out of control.  1200 American rice farmers are suing the Bayer corporation after their farms were cross-contaminated with Bayer’s nearby experimental rice crops.  These farmers might receive damages upwards of one billion.

10.17.2008 Juice might interfere with your medicationRecent research shows that grapefruit, orange, and apple juices might impair the effectiveness of a variety of medications, including Cipro, Levaquin, Sporanox, beta-blockers, transplant-rejection drugs, and chemotheraphy medications.

10.15.2008 The FDA is reconsidering a ban on a number of chemicals used as food dyes after new research suggests a link with ADHD.  The UK and European Union have each recently taken action to eliminate these harmful chemicals, which were approved only because of a few outdated studies from thirty to fifty years ago, all of which found no problems with any of the food colorings being used.  Colors under fire?  Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Red 3, Red 40, Orange B, Yellow 6 and Yellow 5.

10.13.2008 A study conducted by 2nd graders shows how feeding mice corn and soy that is genetically modified instead of regular corn and soy caused erratic and anti social behavior, laziness, strange sleeping habits, and death.  Even our children can figure out how scary this stuff can be, yet we can’t even get our food industry to list when foods are genetically modified.  A little information never hurt anybody, but this food apparently might.

10.12.2008 With diabetes rates skyrocketing and diabetes related health care expenditures set to hit $300,000,000,000 worldwide by 2025, people need diabetes educationRecent research shows that an overwhelming number of doctors believe that increased education about diabetes could be a significant help in preventing the disease and treating it successfully.  Learn about type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

10.11.2008 People are vitamin D deficient.  A new study shows that vitamin D is linked to the health of more organs than previously thought. It aids cancer prevention, blood pressure regulation, muscle strength, brain activity, and immune system function. So, as long as you’re not burning, try to get outside and hang out in the sun every day.

10.10.2008 Worried about the price of Chinese milk? Don’t worry; prices are coming down after the poisonous toxin melamine was found in milk, snacks, animal feed, baby formula, and other foods. 53,000 babies were reported ill, many with serious kidney problems, and there is a small but rising death toll. The pure evil and greed here is unbelievable; could you imagine intentionally poisoning baby formula for profit?

10.9.2008 New food regulations! Producers of meat, fruits, vegetables and nuts are being forced to print the origin of their products, provoking the rage of many food industrialists.  This was in response to the botched response to the salmonella/tomato episode a while back, where they couldn’t find what vegetables were causing the problem because they didn’t know where the hell they came from.  This regulation will take effect within six months.